Welcome to B.U.tiful!

We’re proud to offer a mix of handmade items, locally made products, and other curated items! We opened our doors in February of 2020, and thanks to our customers’ we’re still going strong!

For the month of April, in conjunction with the Tulip Festival, we will be open 7 days a week. Check out our Facebook & Instagram (links above) for updates!

Trumpeter Swan painting by Andrea Wikstrom in its forever home
Trumpeter Swans Painting – Found a New Home
Very Proud to Offer Estrella Body Butters, Bath Salts, Cuticle Cream, Sugar Scrubs, and more.
Spring cutout plaques made locally.
Spring cutout plaques made locally.

We’d like to thank the many, friendly, loyal, and intentional shoppers who have supported their local communities, local shops, and kept coming back these past couple years!

It is thanks to your commitment to supporting local businesses and industries through these times that fills us with the energy we need to press forward.